04 Oct

There has never been anything like it! Over 100 chefs from across Canada will gather on October 16th to cook in the country, all in support of the righteous movement to Stop the Mega Quarry. The event is called Foodstock – and like Woodstock back in… well, I forget when exactly… it will be the sort of gathering that can define a decade and a generation. This is not a weekend, it’s a Sunday afternoon but it will go down in history.

There will be awesome music – the great Jim Cuddy will be performing, and so will Ron Sexsmith, Sarah Harmer, Tom Barlow, Cuff The Duke, and Hayden! There will be inspiring speeches – from Dr. Faisal Moola of the David Suzuki Foundation and from Michael Stadtländer, President of the Chef’s Congress of Canada and the mastermind behind this event.

There may also be mud – Foodstock is happening in the fields, just like Woodstock, to remind us of the farmland we will lose if the appalling quarry is allowed to proceed. So guests are encouraged to wear boots and dress appropriately. It would be a great idea to bring your own plates and cutlery too, to cut down on waste and clean-up.

The purpose of all this? To encourage the people of Ontario to stand up for the land that feeds us and to show the government that we mean business.

The price? Pay what you can. All funds raised will go to fighting the mega quarry application that has been put forward by the Highland Companies to create a limestone quarry over 2,300 acres in size on prime, fertile agricultural land and digging into pristine aquifers.

 Above all there will be food! Here is the unbelievable line-up of chefs who will be present – and the list will no doubt have grown larger by October 16th! Each chef will be preparing a dish that celebrates the local bounty.


Paul Boehmer, Milana Lise, Boehmer

Teo Paul, Union

Adam Colquhoun, Oyster Boy

J.P. Challet, Ici Bistro

Lora Kirk, Ruby Watchco

Jeffery Claudio,  Scarpetta at The Thompson Hotel

Chris Brown, The Stop Community Food Centre

Jamie Kennedy, Jamie Kennedy Kitchens

Aaron Bear Robe, Keriwa Café

Fabio Bondi and Michael Sangregorio, Local Kitchen and Wine Bar

Rocco Agostino, Enoteca Sociale, Pizza Liberetto

Luis Valenzuela, Torito Tapas Bar

Victor Barry, Splendido, The County General

Donna Dooher, Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

Albert Ponzo, Le Select Bistro

Hiro Yoshida, Hiro Sushi

Anthony Walsh, Bannok and Oliver and Bonacini Restaurants

Carole Ferrari, The Bus Kitchen

Carl Heinreich & Ryan Donovan, Marben

Michael Sacco &Chrystal Porter, Chocosol Chocolate Traders

David Kokai, Loic Gourmet

Anthony Rose, The Drake Hotel

Derek Bendig and Colen Quinn, Pangaea

Zane Caplansky, Caplansky’s

Alex Johnston, Hockley Valley Resort

Evelyne Gharbirian, Hearty Catering

Rodney Bowers, Hey Meatball

Matty Matheson, Parts & Labour

Derek, Merchants of Green Coffee

Keith Frogett, Scaramouche

Lorenzo Loseto, George Restaurant

Rob Gentile, Buca Restaurant

Patrick McMurray, Starfish Oysterbed and Grill, Ceilei Cottage

Joshna Maharaj, Freelance

Stefan Czapalay,  (representing Nova Scotia)

Steffan Howard, Palais Royale, Casa Loma

Kevin McKenna, Globe Bistro

Kevin McKenna and Phillip Heilborn, Earth Bloor West

Kevin McKenna, Earth Rosedale

Trish Donnelly, Chef Donnelly Catering

Anne Yarymowich, Frank Restaurant at the AGO

Brad Long/ Sara Kuntz, Belong Café

John Higgins, George Brown College

Daisuke Izutsu,  Kaiseki Sakura

Joe Levesque,International Centre

Graham Pratt, The Gabardine

Giacomo Pasquini , Vertical

Audrey  Demers, private chef

Bertrand Alepee, The Tempered chef

Fawzi Kotb,  Veloute Bistro & Catering

Nick Laliberte, Poutini’s House of Poutine

Ruth Klahsen, Monforte Dairy

Christopher Palik, L’eat Catering

Diane, Whole World Trade Ltd.

Dawn Woodward and Ed Rek, Evelyne’s Crackers

Linda and Suzy, Alternative Grounds

Alexandra Feswick, Brockton General

Jeff Brown and Jennifer Rashleigh, Delight

Carin Balint, Garden of Vegan

Lesia Kohut, LPK’s Culinary Groove

Joe Friday,

Two Brothers Inc., Jacob Sharkey Pearce



Michael Shmidt, and Chef Carey McLellan, Glencolton Farms



Rob Uffen’s Trout House, Pine Springs



Robin Pradhan, Rocky Racoon Café



Chez Michel, Creemore

Dave Nesbitt, Creemore Coffee Company



Gareth Carter, Men with Knives

Andrea Greyerbiehl, Chef Leona Nyman, Azurra

Jeremy Korten, Oliver and Bonacini Blue Mountain

Mark & Christen, Espresso Post

Scott Chalmers and Andrew Barber, Simplicity Bistro

Christophe and Wispy Boivin, Tremont Café

Joelle Rogers, Tesoro Restaurant

199 Broadway

Roger Genoe, Ravenna Market

Don Akehurst, Sovereign Restaurant



Marita and Jorg, Haisai

Michael and Nobuyo Stadtlander, Eigensinn Farm



Jason, The Mono Cliffs Inn



Shawn Adler, The Flying Chestnut



Tobias Pohl-Weary, Red Canoe Bistro



Paul Harber, Ravine Vineyard

Janice Suarez, Pastry Chef

Ryan Crawford, The Stone Road Grille



Jason D’Anna, Magna Golf Club




Philip Patrick, The Ridge at Manitou



Matthew Flett , Dave Jones, Georgian College

David Keenan, At Five, Barrie

Chef Daniel Hong, Owner Anna Kim, Furusato Restaurant

Ceasar Guinto, Cravings Fine Food Market and Catering



Jennifer, Bruce Wine Bar



Rory Golden, Deerhurst Resort



Ross Fraser, Fraser Café



Moe Mathieu


People can pre-register at:

Buses are being organized from the following locations:









If people would like to volunteer on the day of the event, they can click here:


One day your grandchildren will ask you what you did to fight the Mega Quarry. What will you tell them? Be there or be square.





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  1. Jerry

    October 4, 2011 at 10:54 pm

    I am curious how this will all work logistically. If Food Truck Eats had crazy long lines how will 70 chefs manage to feed 20,000 people? I am all for the cause, but, I wonder who all the people are behind the organization of this and how it will all work logistically. So, you make a donation to enter and then you pay how much per sample? And does all of that money go to the cause as well, or do the chefs deduct their costs? I would like to hear more about these type of details but I can’t seem to find them anywhere.

  2. kevin Hobin

    October 14, 2011 at 5:10 pm

    See you Sunday :)