Party time

Jamie Kennedy has been much on my mind recently. I’ll tell you why in July. Meanwhile, he and his pals are having a party and everyone’s invited.
Back in the late ’80s and ’90s – the era of the independent, superstar chefs – Jamie and his BFFL, Michael Stadtländer, stood in the outfield – visionaries and lonely activists for many of the causes that today seem de rigueur. Now the world has caught up and Jamie has come into his own as guru to the new generation of socially aware, collaborative chefs. It’s not just that he looks younger than most of them: he’s ubiquitous at the small, righteous events that the young idea puts on around town, raising money for various causes. Perhaps his financial troubles last year forced him back into the trenches (how great to see him with a pan in his hand every night at Gilead Bistro); but really it’s something he has always done, providing leadership and inspiration to the next generation.
But about the party… Jamie sent out a press release the other day. Rather than paraphrase it, I’ll simply share the message.
Jamie writes: “Well the hot summer weather is here, and it’s setting the stage for an exciting event I’m hosting next month. I’d like to invite you to join me at a Communal Table, taking place on Saturday June 19th at the inspiring heritage site of the Evergreen Brick Works. Some of my friends and colleagues, whom you likely know well – Keith Froggett, Anthony Walsh, Brad Long, Michael Dixon, Adam Colquhoun, Yasser Qahawish and Crosstown Kitchens – ar coming to take part. I hope you’ll be there too. “I’ve always wanted to create a unique, celebratory dining experience situated around a very large communal table, and now the time has come. We’ll be dining on the cusp of the summer solstice, and there isn’t a better time to take in and savour the exquisite tastes of our very own southwestern Ontario flavours. My team and I will be preparing a four-course sit-down dinner, featuring the finest seasonal produce of local food artisans. Prior to that we’ll be enticed by a stunning cocktail setting where my friends will each create delectable, signature canapés. This gastronomic tour-de-force would not be complete without a selection of our region’s wines and beers, specially chosen for the event by me. So please come take a seat at our table, and join us all for this unique, not-to-be-missed culinary event.”
It sounds like a blast. A potentially heroic evening. Here are the details.
DATE: Saturday, June 19, 2010.
TIME: 5 pm ~ Reception with Jamie Kennedy’s partners in gastronomy featuring canapés and libations. 6.30 pm ~ Four-course sit-down dinner prepared by Jamie Kennedy Kitchens.
LOCATION: Evergreen Brick Works, 550 Bayview Avenue, Toronto.
TICKETS: $200 per person.
Tickets can be purchased online at, by phone at 647.288.0680, or at the Gilead Café & Bistro (4 Gilead Place, Toronto).

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