Return of the man who ate Toronto

The new cover of The Man Who Ate Toronto

I’m delighted to announce that Black Walnut (an imprint of Madison Press) is republishing The Man Who Ate Toronto, a book I wrote in the last century that chronicles the history of Toronto’s restaurant scene from the 1950s onwards and is also a memoir of my career as a restaurant critic. It’s a very handsome and hefty edition with a new chapter that carries the story forward to the present day. And now there are many beautiful photographs interleaved amidst the text, making this an astonishing bargain at $24.95. There are also a small number of copies of a deluxe boxed edition – priceless.

By sheer coincidence, an English publisher called Clearview is republishing an even earlier book that I wrote with my wife back in 1987, called A Kitchen in Corfu. That one was a documentary about the foodways, ancient and modern, of the remote Greek village where we lived in the mid-1980s. I had thought the life the book describes would be long gone by now, dissolved by the encroachment of modern life, and indeed that was very nearly the case – until the current Greek economy made the old ways of foraging and subsistence farming suddenly viable again. For those forced once again to live off the land as their grandparents did, I’m glad to say the many recipes in the book still work! Clearview is selling the new edition for £9.99, though I fear it won’t be available on this side of the Atlantic. If anyone would like a copy, please let me know and I’ll see what can be done.

It’s a strange but happy feeling to welcome back offspring from the past, a little like going back in time and engaging in conversation with yourself. Thanks to Black Walnut and Clearview for taking a chance on these books.

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