Something for Halloween

This intriguing picture is of my daughter, Mae Martin, in dinosaur costume as a guest artiste in a sketch called Turkish Downton Abbey, created by a British comedy troupe and coming soon to a YouTube screen near you. If you’d like to see her latest performance on the BBC tv show, Russell Howard’s Good News, here it is. Just click the screen below. Meanwhile, lonely for her merry company, I’m out on my deck, watching the edges of the megastorm kick into Toronto. The wind blew another tree down on our street this evening but the rain-lashed paper wasps’ nest high on my neighbour’s maple survives, bobbing and swooping back and forth in the gale like a grey basketball, steadfast on its slender bough, seventy feet up in the howling darkness. Savvy animals, those wasps, but I imagine they are feeling a trifle seasick tonight. Serves the bastards right. They tormented us all summer long.


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