A Tale of High Adventure


Adam Kreek and three friends are rowing across the Atlantic. photo credit: www.erinnjhale.com
Adam Kreek and three friends are rowing across the Atlantic. photo credit: www.erinnjhale.com

The Canadian Wildlife Federation Africa to the Americas Expedition left January 23rd from Dakar, Senegal to row unassisted across the Atlantic Ocean on a daring 3569-nautical-mile journey to Miami, USA. Using human power to propel the boat, and solar and wind power to charge its instruments, the four-man crew are conducting research on the ocean and themselves to share it in real-time to viewers world-wide. It’s an extraordinary adventure and you can follow the team’s progress at www.oarnorthwest.com.

Meanwhile, I was wondering what the four of them are eating to keep up their strength, rowing in pairs, non-stop, day and night. Adam Kreek wrote back to me this morning to tell me. Here’s part of his letter.

“… It can be exhausting out here, but it is also fascinating. It will be an experience that will stick with me for a lifetime.
“We have broken a couple oars, and have gone through some homesick blues. Other than that, the wildlife, camaraderie and sunrises have been incredible. The Ocean has a deep and infusing power that can elevate your soul as quickly as a big wave can crush your spirits.
“…Regarding ocean food. This is what I can tell you. Our breakfasts consist of quick oats or flaked quinoa mixed with sulphur-free dried pineapple, cranberries, apples, raisins and mangos. We mix in some cacao nibs and organic coconut flakes. To add caloric density we will also add coconut oil to the oatmeal.
“Lunch consists of an array of Backpacker’s Pantry freeze-dried meals. My favourite flavours are the Pad Thai, Macaroni and Beef, Southwest Chicken, and astronaut ice cream.
“For dinner we have been eating a lot of De La Estancia polenta mixed with freeze-dried vegetables and cheese. We will also have instant rice and bean flakes mixed with freeze-dried vegetables and canned wild salmon. Both meals are generously spiced with chili flakes, pepper and garlic powder. We also mix in a healthy portion of Olive Oil for flavour and caloric density.
“Snacks consist of e-frutti gummies, and “The EDGE” energy bars.

“We also are drinking a lot of tea on this vessel. Our favorites are the powdered Jaga Silk Macchai, and the powdered London Fog. We are also eating/drinking ground hemp and maccha powder. We mix it as a warm drink, add it to our oatmeal or dinner dishes for texture, substance and health effects. It has a high protein content and good fats which make it a great superfood.
“Our diet is supplemented with Vitamins from Natural Factors. We have Omega 3 fish oils, vitamin ester C, ultimate antioxidant, acidipholous and bifidus, and a multi-vitamin. Finally, the majority of our sundries were provided by Lifestyle Markets in Victoria BC.”

Tuck in, guys! Safe voyage and a happy return!

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