Evelyn’s Crackers Cheddar Crispies

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Self-restraint has never been my strongest suit. I tend to embrace temptation with an open-armed hug of welcome. Hence my new affair with Cheddar Crispies from Evelyn’s Crackers. Yes, they have been around for years but I came to them only recently, spotting the Evelyn’s display at Sanagan’s Meat Locker in Kensington Market. They have become a primary indulgence, the star of our daily domestic happy hour, sharing the card table with the boardgame du jour, cold white wine and conversation.

What makes these righteous treats so compelling? The contrast of deep, rich flavours and brittle, slender texture. The taste of organic spelt and aged white cheddar with the perfectly judged prickle of paprika and some earthy, seedy spice that hovers just over the horizon of easy identification (see the comments below for ID). My wife and I have been known to share an entire packet when the Scrabble excitement becomes unbearably intense.

Husband and wife Dawn Woodward and Edmund Rek make them by hand in Toronto – very labour intensive – using real, local ingredients. You can find the whole story at evelynscrackers.com. There’s a video there in which Woodward vows to go on making them ’til the end of time (as George Michael put it, so eloquently). A promise that I cling to like a lifebelt in the dystopic tsunami of lifeasweknowit.

  1. Thanks, Mr. Chatto!! Wow! We really appreciate the mention and so happy that you buy them at Sanagan’s- we love those guys!!
    The spice is nigella seed. I would happily put it in every cracker we make, but that would be overkill….

  2. Nigella…! And judiciously used. I’m not joking. We demolished another packet of those little devils this afternoon. They are particularly good with a Chardonnay that has no more than a whisper of oak – the tangy Macon that the LCBO carries, for example. Great work, Dawn Woodward! And co! Those who are about to open ANOTHER stash of Cheddar Crispies salute you.

  3. Those Cheddar Crispies have also been a long time favourite in our house. Try the Oat Cakes if you haven’t already as they are fast becoming my second favourite and work beautifully with cheese!

  4. We love Evelyn’s too over at FoodiePages.ca! The Currant in the Rye flavour is my personal favourite… seriously addictive. Will have to try your suggested Cheddar + Chardonnay pairing!

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