Another brick in the wall


How pleased and proud was I to see my daughter, Mae Martin, in Flare magazine’s “60 under 30” list of inspiring young women! An extraordinary roster of Canadian talent that you can see here. Mae is currently in Melbourne, Australia for a month doing her one-woman show but will be back in London, England soon. Friends over there, please note: there are still tickets to be had for her dazzlingly funny and thought-provoking show at the Soho Theatre from May 31 to June 4. Buy them here.

Adding another tiny lego brick to the vast architecture of coincidence upon which my life is built, it was Flare magazine that first commissioned an article from me when I arrived in Canada as a penniless immigrant back in 1987 (thank you, Flare) – just in time for Mae to be born here rather than there.

  1. just finished reading your book The Greek for Love-awesome! I do know many of the people you mention…Wish you all the best to your family!

  2. Hey James…. I’ve only just found out about you. I’m half-way through reading “The Greek for Love” which I am enjoying immensely .. I’ve been travelling to Greece since 1973, so I love reading books like this. (I’m off again in a few days time to my flat in Athens & visiting Kea, Kythnos & Serifos)
    So I’ve just looked you up to see who exactly you are & have seen what an interesting life you have had ! … It’s great to also see your daughter now having a successful career.
    In your biog, you mention “For the Love of Money” – which I remember very well ! – & said to contact you about available copies .. If you go to, you will see that vinyls of your tune are still available – but some of them are now fetching £60 or £70 !!
    Just thought I’d tell you. All the best for the future. Regards.

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