TRASHED & WASTED… on March 1


Here’s a brilliant idea from Brock Shepherd – an event on March 1 to benefit Second Harvest in the most imaginative and appropriate way. Forgive me for merely passing on the press release but it contains everything you need to know.

A charity event rethinking food waste, repurposing trash, and reclaiming refuse.

 On March 1, 2017 from 6 to 10pm, the public is invited to join local chefs and food suppliers, designers and innovators at Wychwood Barns in Toronto for a one-day celebration of the sustenance, beauty, and benefits of what was once simply trashed and wasted. Enjoy delicious dishes, cocktails, and treats made from the most unexpected ingredients, and explore installations that will make you rethink your next disposal or purchase.

Trashed & Wasted: Toronto will pair innovative chefs with ethically-minded suppliers to create dishes from rescued food. Local brewers, distillers, and drinks experts will be challenged to concoct libations from repurposed ingredients. Local artists and designers will create booths from disposed and found objects. Local musical groups will share exciting ways to repurpose instruments.

“We have come to live in a disposable society,” says event coordinator, Brock Shepherd. “And rarely is the reckless disposability more shocking than when it comes to food. Every day, tons of edible food is wasted in this city. We allow it to rot in our fridges, grocery stores prematurely dispose of ‘expired’ products, and restaurants watch bins fill up with perfectly good but uneaten ingredients. And, while so much is thrown out, thousands of people go hungry.”

Trashed & Wasted takes its inspiration from the recent Olympic games, during which a Michelin-star chef took leftovers from the athletes’ village and turned them into meals that fed the homeless. Similarly inspiring was the 2015 event, wastED, where a NYC restaurant was temporarily transformed into a pop-up devoted to the theme of food waste and re-use. In 2017, Toronto-based food and beverage innovator Brock Shepherd is bringing these concepts to an event here in our own city.


• Distilled spirits made from fruit pulp donated by local juicer

• Craft beer made from bakery bread scraps

• Gourmet dishes made from rescued food

• Proceeds will support Second Harvest’s Food Rescue Programme

 Participants will include Sanagan’s Meat Locker, Porchetta & Co, Hooked, Arepa Cafe, Blackbird Bakery, Montgomery’s Restaurant, Montforte Dairy, Soul Roasters, Elee Design, Sumo Project, Paradigm Architects, David Reale Design, Rainhard Brewery, and Yongehurst Distillery.


For more information, please contact Brock at 647-998-6951 or


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