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It was announced on Tuesday that the ARC Ensemble has been nominated for a JUNO Award for its latest recording, dedicated to the works of Polish composer Szymon Laks. This is the second time ARC has been nominated for this prestigious prize. They are also three-time Grammy Award nominees.

I have several good friends in this dazzlingly brilliant ensemble. The work they do is culturally essential. Yes, to be sure, I’m a groupie, following them all over the place from Canada to Israel to hear them play these resurrected works. Check them out! Join us.

The JUNO nomination for the ARC Ensemble is one of 78 nominations received by alumni and faculty of The Royal Conservatory. Artists and groups with a Conservatory connection have been nominated in 90% of all JUNO categories, affirming the reach and broad relevance of The Royal Conservatory’s internationally acclaimed arts education programs. The critical reception that has accompanied its appearances at some of the world’s most important venues, and the enthusiastic acclaim it has received across the globe, has earned it a place as one of Canada’s pre-eminent cultural ambassadors. Its recordings and international broadcasts, its imaginative programming, and its commitment to the recovery of works that have been marginalized because of political suppression or racism have earned it an enviable international reputation and brought credit to The Royal Conservatory.

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