Mae Martin has written a book

My dazzling daughter, Mae Martin, has written a book and it is now available for pre-order on Amazon. She’s called it Can Everyone Please Calm Down and it’s a funny and frank guide to sexuality for people aged 14+. Click here to find it.

Here is how Mae introduces her book on the Amazon site…

“Hello, I’m Mae Martin, a Canadian comedian with an encyclopaedic knowledge of Harry Potter trivia. But aside from that, the one area that I’m 100% anecdotally and personally qualified to tackle, is sexuality. If there is a ‘sexuality spectrum’, then I’ve probably existed at every point on it at some stage in my life. And this book is my attempt to demystify it by narrating my own adventures in sex, dating, gender identity, etc. and to get everyone to Just. Calm. Down.

“We’ll talk about the pros and cons of labels, why history contains no stories of gay people living long happy lives, sexual fluidity, gay genes, Lady Gaga and bisexual monkeys.

“My dream is that we get to a point where we don’t even need to discuss sexuality at all. Where it’s a total non-issue, and everyone’s falling in love with everyone all over the place. I hope this book is a step in that direction. ENJOY.”

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