Come and Join Us

It may come as a surprise to some of you who know how I feel about Napoleon Bonaparte to learn that I will be taking part in an event for Courvoisier, the cognac with the closest tie to the little corporal. The good news is that you, dear reader, can also be involved.

It’s taking place at the Carlu in Toronto on October 27. I will be participating as one of the judges for the ‘Find Greatness Within’ Culinary Challenge, which will bring together some of Toronto’s top chefs, who will be developing appetizers and cocktail combinations built around Courvoisier cognac.

Courvoisier would like to invite some of you to attend the event as well, provided you live in the GTA, are of legal drinking age and can make it out to join us.

The first 15 cognac fans to email and include the words “” in the subject line, plus include their name, address, and phone number in the body of the email will be registered to attend with a guest. This is a completely free event, and space is extremely limited.

All guests have a chance to taste food developed by chefs from Amuse Bouche, C5, Colborne Lane and Jamie Kennedy at the Gardiner. They will also be one of the few people in Canada with a chance to taste Courvoisier JS Succession, a rare cognac that retails in Canada for over $4,400 a bottle.

As alcohol will be served throughout the evening, guests should ensue that they have a safe way home following the event.

Allons-y, mes bons viveurs!

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