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You can buy books by James Chatto right here.
James will sign your personal copy, including your message, then mail the book to you.


The Man Who Ate Toronto (2012)
New edition with colour illustrations and a new chapter covering the last decade. $24.95

The Seducer’s Cookbook  (aka Cooking for Sexcess)        SOLD OUT

The Atheist (Winter’s Tales 1)     SOLD OUT

Tricky Customers  (Winter’s Tales 2)     SOLD OUT

A Kitchen In Corfu  hardback     $35
A Kitchen In Corfu  paperback   $30

The Man Who Ate Toronto  Hardback   $35
The Man Who Ate Toronto  Paperback   $22.99

The Chef’s Table (co-author Lucy Waverman and Tony Aspler)   SOLD OUT

A Matter of Taste (co-author Lucy Waverman)  hardback   $50

The Greek For Love   original hardback    $34.95

The Great Canadian Dining Guide    $15.00


How it works:
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All prices are in Canadian dollars.