Bute Street farmers Market

A merry market for a Saturday morning

London abounds in excellent farmers markets. I’ve written before about the gastronomic glories of Borough Market or the tiny, expensive Pimlico Road market watched over by a statue of the boy Mozart. The one my mother uses is a street market that closes quaint little Bute Street in South Kensington every Saturday morning. It’s already a food-conscious thoroughfare the rest of the week with a super fishmonger called Moxon’s, a number of cafes and bakeries and some of London’s best gelato at Oddino’s. Saturday brings over a dozen stalls offering all sorts of delightful treats. So dangerous to venture in if one is hungry…

English strawberries have a different flavour than our fragrant Ontario varieties. Sweet and juicy but less aromatic these are just the babies to mash up with cream and sugar or pop one at a time while enjoying the spectacle of England’s batsmen punishing the Sri Lankan bowling.


Madame Gautier Traiteur is a company created by two French cooks offering an irresistible range of prepared dishes, some hot – whole pot-roasted chickens (so tender, so full of flavour) with a pungent herb stuffing bathing in simmering gravy, a massive chuck of beef in a sort of sauce chasseur – some cold – duck confit, Catalan meatballs of lamb and mint, boeuf bourgignon, etcetera.


Moxon’s specializes in the harvest of the still-fecund seas around Great Britain: dressed crabs and oysters from Essex, brown shrimps from Morecambe Bay, North Sea herring and Dover sole, Cornish mackerel, smoked eel, Scottish salmon…


Nut Knowle Farm is a goat milk dairy in East Sussex. Their smoked St. George cheese was recently voted Britain’s best goat cheese; their more recent endeavour, Martlet Gold, is even better – a powerful cheese with a real lactic tang – and absolutely delicious with a glass of strong, dry cider.
  1. I can’t wait to go next Saturday.
    Your photographs are seductive, much improved.

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