Tea fit for Olympians

Adam Kreek, gold medal, Beijing, 2008

Some time ago I was given a small metal canister by Adam Kreek, the Olympic rowing gold medalist turned entrepreneur, high performance expert and community advocate. It contained a green powder called Maccha Nirvana, a really first-class ground tencha green tea from Uji, Kyoto, Japan. It’s brought into Canada by a company called JagaSilk (www.jagasilk.com) and Kreek helps publicize it. The idea was that I might blog about this spectacular tea but I was negligent… Now I will be spending lots of time with Adam Kreek in London during the Olympics and I have remembered my promise. After all, Kreek is HUGE and still alarmingly fit as he recently proved by rowing around Vancouver Island (1,200 kilometres, 19 days). That is part of his training for a longer adventure in December in which he and three buddies will row from Liberia across the Atlantic to Venezuela (7,000 kilometres), rowing 24-7 in two hour shifts as a fundraiser for Right To Play International. It could take anything from 60 to 80 days.

But about this tea… It ticks all the boxes for maccha – organic and shade-grown, each leaf de-veined, de-stemmed and painstakingly stone-ground into a powder. I conducted my own little tea ceremony with it this morning, mixing ½ a teaspoonful with about 2 ounces of water (at around 60o – which I gauged as handhot) in my tea bowl and whisking it to a froth with my trusty chasen whisk. I was expecting the flavour of toasted nori and lily under the pervasive bittersweet chlorophyl and there it was, hovering over the thick, rich, full-bodied liquid. The lingering finish conjured images as green and pastoral as anything Danny Boyle could come up with. In short, this is an excellent tea, invigorating, exhilarating – a fine way to open the day. I’ll be ordering my refill pack online from JagaSilk (they ship refills free).

Thanks, Kreek, for turning me on to it! And I’ll see you in London shortly (everyone is shortly when they stand beside Adam Kreek).

  1. Hello Mr. Chatto,
    The tea sounds lovely.

    Had a fantastic pizza lunch at Haisai in Singhampton yesterday (Aug 18.2012). I love that restaurant. Have had the pleasure of visiting several times.

    However I was sad to be told that the restaurant is closing on September 8, 2012. Could this be true ? I see you know the great Stadlander himself and wondered if you get more info on this. I’m totally depressed:( I could afford this place but can’t fork over for Michael’s fancier gigs at Eigensinn. Though wish I could. Look forward to hearing from you. Margaret

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